Rhythm Heaven The Movie Is A Live Action/Animated Comedy Movie, That Features 2 Kids Who Type This Command, And Then They Meet A New person, And They need To Get That Person Back To Heaven World

Trivia Edit

  • Originally Elijah Wasn't Suppose To Be in This Movie, The Early Concept Of The Movie Was in 2016, and the original title for this movie was, rhythm adventure,
  • Originally, Mario And Luigi Were Suppose To be In This Movie As Puppets, But It Was Scrapped Due To Elliott And Elijah Not Having A Green Screen By That Time,

Transcript Edit

Shows Elliott Pictures Logo

Shows EXLGamer Productions Logo

Shows Elliott Animation Studios Logo

Text Appears: Elliott Pictures Presents

Text Appears: A EXLGamer Productions And Elliott Animation Studios Flim

Text Appears: Rhythm Heaven The movie

Text Appears: 2:15 Am

A Boom Sound Plays

Elliott: Woah!

Elliott Then Looks At Elijah Which He Is Sleeping

Elliott Says: Elijah Elijah Elijah!

Elijah: What

Elliott: There Was A Boom Sound Coming From Outside!

Both Look At The Window And Discover A Machine

The Sky Turns Into Light And Text Appears: 9:10 Am

Elliott: What Happened Last night

Elijah: It was the machine Elliott The Machine!

Both Go Downstairs And Go To The Kitchen

And Meet Their Dad But It's Actually The Tap Troupe,

Tap Troupe: Hi Want Some Breakfast?

Both Elliott And Elijah Make Shocked Faces

Tap Troupe: What?

Both Elliott And Elijah Scream And Go To The Staircase

Elliott: Did You See That!?

Elijah: It's The Tap Troupe!

Both Elliott And Elijah Look At The Window And See Chorus Kids

Both: This Is Going Out Of Control!

Elliott Turns On The TV

On Every Channel It's A Rhythm Heaven Character