Robotboy Is A Simple 2D Platformer Video Game

That Was Released On June 20, 2018,

It Will Actually Be Elliott Game's First Game

Instead Of Prince Of Persia Classic PC, Which Was Cancelled

How To Play Edit


Space: Jump

As Of The Development Build Of Version 0.1.1:

Once The Game Is Started the Player Is Greeted To A Level Select Screen, The Player Must Press The First Castle To Start The Game, Then There Are Three Buttons

The First One Said: "Finish The Level With 1 Star"

The Second One Said "Finish The Level With 2 Stars"

The Third One Said "Finish The Level With 3 Stars"

When The Player Pressed One Of The Buttons, It Just Skips

The Level And Goes On To Level 2, However, The Development

Build, Is Still In Development,So The Player is Stuck In Level 2

Forever Until The Player Quits The Game,

And Level 2 On The Development Build of Version 0.1.1, The Camera Is No Good At All, But Level 1 Is Ok In The Development Build Though,

The Development Build Of Version 0.1.0 Is On GameJolt, However, Mac Users Can't Install It, But Linux Users Can

Media Edit


Boss For World 1-5